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Grooming session

Your dogs grooming session starts when they enter the grooming parlor, using an aromatherapy oil infuser with dog friendly relaxing aromas creates a calm atmosphere for your dog. Your dog will then be bathed using our hydraulic bath which helps with getting some of our larger dogs in to the bath. Your dog is bathed using 100% natural shampoos, vegan and cruelty free, they will then be hand dried using a stand dryer to de~shed or fluff dry their coats. They will then be styled to breed standard or your own individual requirements.


puppy intro

puppy intro sessions are for puppys under 6 months. These are mini grooming sessions where the puppy is introduced to the grooming environment and are gradually introduced to bathing and grooming equipment. Puppys can start coming to these sessions as soon as they have had their vaccinations.

prices start from £20


Full groom

A full groom starts with an assessment of the dogs coat and which natural shampoo should be used to best enhance the dogs coat and skin.  

They are then bathed and  dried using a stand dryer.

They are then finished either to a breed standard or to the owners request and nails are trimmed. Some breeds do get very hairy ears, the lose hair will be gently removed.

Because there are many types of coat type and size of dog prices are varied so please contact us for an estimate of how much the groom will cost.


Bath and blowdry

Book a bath and blow dry for your dog, where they will have a deep cleansing wash and conditioner to enhance their coat type and condition. A nail trim is included.

(eye trim and hygiene trim is included)

Prices start from

Small dog - £20

Medium sized - £25

Large dogs - £30

Extra large or double coated breeds - £45


nail trimmimg

Nail trimming is part of every groom but if you wish to pop in just for your dog to have a nail trim just give us a call or pop in to see when we can do it,

£7 per dog


Add a Pawdicure to your nail trim. To find out more about a pawdicure check out Spa Treatments.


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